Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Oh dear,
where does time go?
I have good intentions on updating this blog on a regular basis
but somehow days and days and days go past
and still nothing.
It's not that I'm not doing anything, 
it's just that what I'm doing is quite often for classes etc
and ... well .... I don't know!
I want to do more challenges too
but they take a backburner when there are classes to prepare.
I need to organise my time better and then do what I say I will do!!!
Anyway, enough of these mutterings ......

Last Friday, my BFF, her daughter and I headed off to the
Craft & Quilt Fair
in its new temporary home at Glebe Island.
All the stalls were really well set out with wide aisles
and plenty of space, it was very well lit and airy
and a number of new stalls were there too
which is always good to see.

Probably 50% of the stalls were for quilting supplies and fabric
with the remainder being a variety of papercraft, beading, toy making etc.

I picked up a few goodies to add to my stash
including a Zentangle book, as I would like to play with that a bit more.

There was also a quilt display and a calvacade of fashion
which unfortunately we ran out of time to look at
as we didn't want to get caught up in peak hour traffic on the way home.
Once home, I grabbed my overnight bag and headed off to the Central Coast
and my 'home away from home' with my BFF.
I had a lovely few days relaxing and chatting with her family
and even managed to finish knitting a square and completed another one
to be part of a rug.
I arrived home yesterday morning and the rest of my day was largely
catching up on housework and trying to dry the washing.
After near perfect winter days, it is now grey, cloudy and drizzling.
We need rain but this isn't enough to do much.

Anyhow, enough of this,
time for a cuppa and a crafty play 
and before you know it,
I'll be back to show you what I've been doing.

See you later!!!

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  1. Helen, sometimes one just needs to take a step back and relax before moving forward again. Take the time you need! We will still be here. Hugs, Kay


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