Sunday, 8 December 2019

How time flies - December already!

Hmmm ..... so it's been a while.
The last few months have been a whirl of activity
however I think I've come back to earth and ready for some more crafting fun.

You may remember from previous years,
that in early December, the old folk at church enjoy a service together followed by a delicious Christmas lunch while being entertained by a talented choir.

I think it is always nice for each person to go home with a little gift
so this year I made Easel Calendar/Post-It Notes.

Each one is different, some traditional, some quirky, some masculine, some feminine 
but something for everyone.
I purchased the calendars and post-it notes, but everything else is from my stash.

Another member of the congregation also made beautiful embroidered handtowels 
which were given to all the ladies (the men got chocolates).

I'm sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed their celebratory lunch together.

Until next time .... happy crafting!