Friday, 25 July 2014

Japanese Style Cards

Oh no!!!
I just looked at the clock and have less than an hour left of today to blog something.
I've blogged every day this week (well, almost) which is almost unheard of LOL!!!

Tomorrow I am teaching a Japanese Style Card class at
Alice in Paperland (a repeat of last Wednesday)
so thought I'd show what the ladies will be making.

These Japanese papers are just too nice to cover up so I tried to come up with ways that maximise the beautiful designs.

Just for the record, I've cased a couple of these cards from magazines and pinterest, so if they look familiar in any way, that is why.  I have no idea who designed them but thank them for sharing!

This is the bonus card as the kimono stickers didn't arrive in time for the class.

They will also be making a simple origami and when I say simple, I mean SIMPLE!!
I admire anyone who can create animals and such from folded papers, but even with a book of designs open in front of me - well, just don't expect mine to look like the pictures!

Happy Crafting!


  1. When I was scrapbooking (for about 15 years), I kept buying paper. DCWV stacks were my favorites, and I still have a lot of "The Far East" collection papers. I ran across them yesterday while searching for background paper for a tag. I thought, when I encountered "The Far East," what am I every going to do with this! Now I know. Your post is timely, and I will be making Asian themed cards next week! You have inspired me with the lovely colors, papers, and designs ("borrowed" or not). Can you tell me where you got that Japanese "word" stamp?

    1. Kay, the words are actually from a sheet of stickers. However, my Graphic 45 "Birdsong" #3 stamps have 'love', 'dream' and 'happiness' stamps included.
      We certainly accumulate (or I do anyway) lots of papers and other bits & pieces over time, so I'm glad I have inspired you to make some Asian themed cards. Have fun!!! :-)


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