Thursday, 6 December 2012

From Old to New - The Driveway

A little over a week ago the tradies with their bobcat started work on getting rid of the old cracked and pot-holed driveway with the untidy garden (actually mess of plants would be more accurate) to create a lovely new driveway that would allow the cars to park side by side instead of single file.

So we went from this:
and this:

to 'it's starting to take shape':

The reinforcing wire went down next before the concrete was poured the following day.  Colour was added to the concrete and then a design was stamped into the wet cement.

Looking good, now that it has been sealed the colour is much brighter.

It was OK to walk on the following day, so now we just leave it to all dry properly for about a week and it will be ready for the cars to return to the driveway and no longer be parked on the street.  Next we need to tackle the edges and fix the mangled garden (whats left of it) at the bottom of the front steps.  It looks so different to how it was and has really opened up the front of the house and we're very happy with it.

Until next time, happy crafting!


  1. What a transformation Helen - I bet you're thrilled to bits with it. Great idea to take before and after pics too. I always remember about this when it's too late! Vicky x

  2. What a massive difference a new driveway makes to you property.
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