Monday, 8 April 2019

Totally Quanked

When I was cutting circles for ATCoins recently,
I found in my box a set of dies for hexagons which I had bought many years ago
but never used. 
Hmmm ...... "why not an ATHexagon?", I thought.  

 One of the dies is 2 1/2" which is the perfect size, so I hunted through my scrap card
and this is the result.  The background colour had been previously done by swiping card through puddles of Distress Oxide inks.

I was given this stamp by one of my friends a few months ago which I hadn't used until now, however, it's just the right size for an ATC, or in this case, an ATH.

I stamped it directly onto the hexagon, then twice more on white card.
I coloured both images, cut them out (one completely, the second one around the legs and body).
A small piece of washi tape was stuck down just under the body and wings, 
then the cut image was glued directly over the top.  
Using tiny foam dots, I popped up the body and legs over the image.

The word 'quanked' came up in my FB feed this week
and as I hadn't been feeling the best and was really tired, 
it fitted how I felt perfectly.

"Quanked, an obsolete word meaning 'overpowered by fatigue';  listed in a glossary of words by Dartnell and Goddard, used in the County of Wiltshire (1893)"

Art Impressions - Bird Brains [UMD 1878]

I reckon some obsolete words should come back into the english language,
what do you think?

Happy Crafting!


  1. I would love to see some obsolete words come back into play in the English language, replacing some of the stupid words that have taken their places!!! I may not see it in my lifetime, however!

    Now, to your hexagon project... genius, I say! You may have just started the next "AT" rage, and I am on board!! Well, as soon as i figure out how to create the hexagon shape, that is!

    Now, as to your art today: I love art. I love humor. But, what I really, really love is humor in art. You have given me that here. Well done, Helen!

  2. Helen, I have spent more time than I care to admit trying to find a 2-1/2" hexagon punch!!! Can you tell me the manufacturer of yours? Or e-mail me a photo? Thanks!


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