Thursday, 4 April 2019


It's just as well birthdays last longer than only a day,
especially when you're not able to give a gift until a little later.

This was the case when I saw my BFF earlier this week
 and we were able to exchange gifts to one another
 - my gift to her was late and her gift to me was early!

I made a boxed set of cards using the beautifully vibrant collection of papers and ephemera from Cocoa Vanilla Studio - Happiness

So easy to put together

I added a strip of washi tape to this one

Such pretty little butterflies

A pop of colour on a monotone background

You always need a birthday card ....

Sweet memories ..... awwe!

Happy Birthday, my dear friend!!!

I'm off to make a cuppa, as always .....

Happy Crafting!

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  1. There is no more precious a gift than one made by your own hand! Love all the cards, but my favorite is the pitcher of flowers. I am sure your BFF was pleased.


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