Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The journey continues - weeks 3 & 4

..... and so the journey continues.

Week 3

Press modelling gel/grunge paste through stencil of choice

For this step, I chose to use Modellier Creme 'Mother of Pearl Champagner' by Viva
as it has a lovely sheen to it as well as adding more interest.

Tag 1

Tag 2

It's starting to look interesting seeing the different layers being added.

Week 4

Add some collage with matte/gloss medium, or your preferred glue.
Add a layer of matte medium over the top the collage pieces.

A while back, I was given some collage sheets but wasn't sure where to use them.
These two girls were the perfect choice for these tags.

Tag 1

Tag 2

I was really pleased with how the tags were coming along, and there is a definite favourite emerging.

I'll be back tomorrow with Weeks 5 & 6, so please come and have a look.

Happy Crafting!

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