Friday, 25 November 2016

Journey's end - Weeks 10-12

If you have been following the Build-a-Tag journey,
you will be happy to know that by the time you scroll to the bottom,
it will have come to an end.
(Phew!  What a relief!  [I hear you say] )

Week 10

Cut out and adhere a main focal image to your tag.
This can be drawn, stamped, collaged, downloaded or cut from a book/magazine.

I'm not sure that these images are my main focal point,
however, they are in the foreground.

Tag 1 - mushrooms

Tag 2 - hare

Week 11

Add doodles, marks and/or embellishments

The mushrooms and hare were outlined using a white sharpie pen.

Tag 1

There are more white dots doodled on the lady's necklace and in the spokes of the stencilled layer.

Tag 2

Oops!  I obviously forgot to take a photo of the extra doodles, but you'll see them in Week 12.

Week 12

Find a word in a book or magazine to attach to your image.

The tags are now finished, complete with words.

Tag 1

I came across 'ghostly greetings' and thought it very appropriate 
as the lady certainly has a ghost-like appearance.

Tag 2

Perhaps this girl is a 'dreamer' as the hare dashes across her path.

So, there you have it - 12 weeks of Build-a-Tag finished.
What do you think?
It was a bit out of my comfort zone as I usually do more clean & simple,
but I'm really happy with the completed tags.
Hopefully, it will give me more confidence in my creative journey.

Happy Crafting!

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