Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Book Page - Eeek!

Anyone who knows me, also knows that when it comes to ripping pages out of a book, I have to read that page first, otherwise I just feel really guilty.

I'm currently playing along with another challenge where the theme is 
Book Page
however, thanks to one of my friends who kindly gave me some torn pages a while ago, I feel under no obligation to read them first, as someone else has ripped them out.
I'm not sure how or why this is different - it just is!

The page in question has a number of dictionary type meanings regarding mythology, 
and I thought this was a perfect image given 'Styx', 'Acheron' and 'Cocytus' are on this page.

I stamped "Smushallaum" in 'jet black' Archival Ink and painted her with Silks Acrylic Glaze in various colours.

I tore the edges of the book page to fit a regular card and finger painted them, but it didn't quite look right;  so I took off a smidgen more and layered it on another piece of cardstock that I hole pierced and did a bit of faux stitching.   A little piece of muslin under both ends gave it a bit more oomph!

Stampotique - "Smushallaum"

I hope my swap partner likes what I've created - I wonder what I'll get in return?

Happy Crafting!

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