Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fast tracking weeks 7-9

The fast-tracked journey is almost over, so bare with me just a little longer.

Week 7

Add more stencilled layers

To add more texture to the tags, I used Ferro "Graphite" by Viva.  
This is a gritty paste and once dried it has quite a rough feel.

Tag 1

As there was plenty of space on this tag, I was happy to use a slightly bigger stencil.

Tag 2

The butterflies seemed a perfect fit for this tag.

Week 8

Use clear gesso to completely cover your tag

The clear gesso leaves a rough feel on the tags.

Week 9

Stamp one or more images across your tag 

I didn't want to cover too much so used a narrow border stamp, 
which also grounds both girls.

Tag 1

Tag 2

What do you think so far?

Please feel free to leave a comment and come back again tomorrow
for the final installment of the "Build-a-Tag" journey.

Happy Crafting!

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