Monday, 21 November 2016

I've been on a journey

I've been on a journey ......
a journey that started with a blank tag 
that has lasted 12 weeks and has now come to an end.

Around the beginning of September, I joined a facebook group, 
which was just about to start a weekly journey called "Build-a-Tag".  
It sounded interesting and I decided I wanted to play along.

I hope you'll join me as I go through each week 
and be inspired to create something which may be outside your comfort zone!

Week 1

Create a tag, any size.  Add one layer of gesso, when dry, add one colour.

Tag 1 - white gesso

Tag 2 - black gesso

As I had no idea where this journey was going, I decided to play with two tags, one gessoed white and one black.  I would use the same colours and follow each step for both.

Tag 1 - add colour

Tag 2 - add colour

I was really not sure where this was heading, but I guess that's sometimes part of the journey.

Week 2

Add a further paint colour to your tag and while it is still wet, draw or write into it with the end of a paintbrush or pencil.

Tag 1 - second colour

Tag 2 - second colour

Until this step, I thought I preferred Tag 1 but now I'm not so sure.

Please come back tomorrow and see where weeks 3 & 4 take me.

Happy Crafting!

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