Monday, 15 February 2016

Who am I?

Now that I've found the end of the table again, I've begun to make a list of all the projects & challenges that are coming up so I can stay on track and play along.

This isn't exactly a project or challenge, but was needed nevertheless.

A common practice at my church is for the members of the congregation to wear name tags, so anyone who is new and/or visiting, can put a name to a face without feeling embarrassed by not remembering who they have been introduced to.
Either that or my memory is failing rapidly and I need to remind myself who I am!!

I wanted something simple and "Breezy"(Stampotique) was perfect.  I coloured her using my favourite colours of purple and green, and added a touch of pale grey to ground her.  The letters were a combination of leftover rub-ons hence the various fonts.  Why don't the companies who make rub-ons, give us extra vowels?  Oh well, it gives a little more interest having a variety of letters.  I doodled around the edges and glued on a little peg to attach it to whatever I happen to be wearing on the day.

Happy Crafting!


  1. I actually think your mixed bag of letters is quite artsy, Helen! Breezy is perfect for your name tag, too, which, by the way, is a brilliant idea. Russ and I have just joined a new church and each week one of us whispers to the other, "Now, who was that again?" Glad your getting creative again, Helen. I have missed your posts!

  2. Looks good Helrn I like the mixture too makes it look more thought out.


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