Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Village

A couple of Saturdays ago
  (if you were in Sydney, it was the afternoon of that torrential rain & storm we had)
my crafty friend and I went to play in a mixed media class.
We took along our journals and with step by step instructions, everyone created variations of the original.

This is my finished page (or more correctly, double page) which I only put the finishing touches on over the weekend.  When I got home after the class, I had left it open so everything could dry properly, but then had put it aside.  Only when I opened it again this weekend just gone, did I realise the clouds still needed to be glued into place and my one & only unique house needed it's sparkly roof added.

Some brief instructions (before I forget how it all went together)

1. Mod Podge the bare page before adding printed tissue paper.
2. Mod Podge over the top of tissue paper.
3. Trim brown patterned paper to create hills.
4. Glue hills in place with Mod Podge and Mod Podge over the top of them.
5. Colour sky with Distress Paint in yellow colour.
6. Paint over yellow sky with a couple of Silk Acrylic Glaze paints, watered down.
7. Stamp borders around edges with black ink.
8. Stamp houses (Dylusions) twice onto patterned paper and fussy cut.
9. Arrange houses and Mod Podge them in place.
10. Cut clouds from patterned paper (I also inked around them)
11. Colour one house to be unique.
12. Add Distress Stickles to roof of the unique house.

This was a fabulous way to fill in a Saturday afternoon and I'm sure I will soon be creating some more pages along similar lines.

The only downside to the afternoon was having to drive home in torrential rain.  Everyone was crawling as it was so hard to see through the downpour.  
Even worse, I arrived home to find our gutters had overflowed (they had needed cleaning out for a while) and backed up and we had a stream flowing across the floor of our family room.  We had to pick everything off the floor and mop and dry stuff out - ughh!  
Our gutters have now been cleaned out and we're just waiting for the next lot of rain to see if we have fixed the problem or if it is worse then we think!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. What a lovely way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon, Helen--a friend and art! Love your journal spread with all its interesting houses. But, of course, the turquoise one is most lovely. Yours? Great stickle'd roof and the doorknob is a perfect detail. Sorry you arrived home to such a mess!


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