Monday, 2 February 2015

May & June

Hmmmm .......... what else have I been making lately?

Starting way back in July 2013, I came across the idea (thank you Kate Crane) of making a calendar each month in an art journal, and so my journey began.  I got as far as April 2014 and then stopped and really didn't pick up my art journal much after that either.  Last week, I thought I should look over what I had been doing and found this double page all ready to stamp the days of the week on, and as I had just bought a new Stampotique cube stamp with journalling squares, I was ready to stamp.  In just 15 minutes I had stamped the date, the squares and filled them in!   The background was done using Heidi Swap sprays and various stencils, so in real life it is quite shimmery.

Then I moved on to June 2014 .......

Using different green Dylusions sprays, I randomly spritzed and mopped and spritzed a bit more and mopped a bit more - I'm sure you get the idea of where I'm going with this!   To add some texture, I used Croco Crackling Colour 'Metallic Silber' by Viva through a stencil, putting it aside to dry and hopefully, crackle!   Once it was dry to the (gentle) touch, I then added the circles using a lid dipped into black gesso.  Just for fun (but unfortunately I don't think it shows in the photo) I also dipped another lid into Distress Crackle Paint 'rock candy' and left it to dry.   Next I stamped the date and different journalling squares (from the same Stampotique stamp) and filled in what happened on different days in June.

So, I have now finished a year's worth of calendar entries with journalling in the date squares, 
from July 2013 through to June 2014.  
I'm still wondering if I will continue for a bit longer or just leave it at 1 year???

Hmmmm ........... what to do, what to do???
Happy Crafting!

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  1. What do I do as far as calendar project? Nothing! I have never made one. I used to carry a small calendar in my purse, but since getting my "smart" phone, all the calendar information is kept there. Got forbid if I ever lose it! I am kind of thinking, though, that it would be fun to have such a calendar as yours in my studio and I could just make small notes about what things I accomplished there. You have me thinking, Helen. I do like the looks of your calendar pages here! The top of the May calendar looks so much like summer skies. ;-)


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