Friday, 29 August 2014

Travel Diary - Part 4

For those still with me on my travels,
I'm writing this diary so I can go back and remember the lovely 
holiday my husband and I have just enjoyed!

Friday, our last full day in Perth, so we walked down to the jetty again
and boarded the ferry to Rottnest Island.   The ferry didn't have terribly many people on board, until it stopped at Fremantle, and then they just kept on coming!!!

Rottnest Island
Once there we joined a mini bus tour of the island as it is quite a distance.  The main way of getting around is bicycle (and there are lots of them) with the only vehicles allowed are a couple of mini buses and service cars.

We were all quite excited when we saw our first quokka, but once you start looking around, they aren't hard to find.  These cute little marsupials were once thought to be big rats hence how the island got its name.  They are far too cute to be rats though!


Some had babies in their pouches and we came across one baby who was out of the pouch hopping around with his mum 
(until a stupid tourist who was totally oblivious, startled him and he quickly went and hid
 - tourists, who'd have them?)

The coastline around the island is quite spectacular with little sandy beaches accessible only by boat. We came across a number of different species of birds including one little robin (?) whose front was sort of a flourescent orange colour - very pretty.

After some lunch we went walking to Kingstown which had been used as army barracks in the time of WWII for defence.  I'm not sure if all the buildings are still in use but they are very well maintained.

I think Rottnest Island was one of my favourite places in Perth and I would love to spend some more time there.  There is accommodation but I would guess you would have to book it some time in advance.  
Our return ferry left the pier at 4.25pm and nearly everyone disembarked at Fremantle.  We soon realised so should we have, as the next stop was at the end of the container terminal across the river.  We wrongly assumed the ferry would take us back into Perth where we started, oops!!!
There were a number of people there with luggage waiting for ??? , so we went to the enquiries counter where they very kindly booked a taxi for us.  Since it was getting late in the afternoon, we ended up going all the way back to our hotel in Perth.  Oh well, all part of the adventure!

  The following morning we had an hour to fill in before leaving for the airport, so we walked down towards the river again but turned in the opposite direction walking through parkland past a couple of man-made lakes and then made our way back to our hotel.

Our flight left Perth at 12.15pm bound for Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.  Allowing for time zones, we arrived around 4.15pm, booked into our hotel, and then went for a walk around town before dark.   Dinner and then an early night as we had an early pick up the following morning.

Our coach picked us up at 6.40am and headed to our next destination, Uluru (Ayers Rock),, travelling through very scrubby country with dry river beds and lowish mountains.  We stopped for morning tea at a camel farm before continuing on our way.  
We stopped for a photo of Mt Connor which is often mistaken for Uluru. 
The bushes in the foreground were full of little finches.

Mt Connor
We finally arrived at Ayers Rock Resort and our 'room with a view'.
It was lovely to have a wander around with time to just relax and enjoy the view.

Our view of Uluru from our hotel balcony

I think that is enough for today, so join me again tomorrow for our adventures in the dessert.

See you soon!


  1. I am a picture hound, Helen, so I always look at all your photos (enlarging them all!) before reading your narrative. As expected, I saw those huge rats! But, on enlarging the photo, it became immediately clear they were not rats at all! And, they are, indeed, cute! On a recent mini vacation, Russ and I were privileged to encounter a Mother Moose (a cow) and her baby (a calf) alongside of the road. We stopped and were able to watch them feed. They are not tame, but didn't seem to mind that we were there. However, we didn't speak, we barely breathed. That damn tourist who startled the quokka baby was daft! And, I guess you had an adventure on your adventure when you ended up where you hadn't started. Glad that you and your hubby could take it in stride. I hadn't though about it, but it must be Spring "down under" this time of year. How was your weather? Another great post, Helen! Enjoying the ride!

  2. Enjoying your holiday stories, bring on the next instalment ! Would love to go to Australia but 24 hours flying puts me off somewhat !
    Corrie x


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