Thursday, 28 August 2014

Travel Diary - Part 3

I guess if you are still reading this 
then I haven't bored you too much, LOL!!!

Day 2 of our tour, our first stop was in the township of Margaret River with half an hour or so to wander around the shops, then we continued south past more vineyards and forests stopping at the Mammoth Cave for a short guided tour.

 Entrance to Mammoth Cave

We continued on arriving at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse for a delicious lunch.  It was very windy and a bit cool but is also where the Indian Ocean & Southern Oceans meet.

After lunch we followed the coast a short distance, stopped at yet another winery and continued to Pemberton where we looked at the Gloucester Tree.  In the early days of settlement they picked the tallest tree on top of a hill and put a lookout at the top to look for bushfires etc.  Steel pegs are inserted into and around the tree all the way to be top, not something I have any desire to climb!

Adventurous Hubby

 That night we stayed at the Karri Valley Resort on the shores of Lake Beedelup
(couldn't get any closer to the lake than this)

The next morning we went to see the Beedelup Falls which were on the other side of the lake and walked across the wobbly suspension bridge.

Back on the coach through Pemberton again followed by a tram ride along an old logging track, across creeks with a stop at some cascades.

By mid afternoon we have arrived at the Valley of Giants, a forest of huge Tingle trees, some of which have such enormous trunks you can walk through them.  Here there was a treetop walk, which at its highest was 40 metres off the ground.  

After saying farewell to 5 of our fellow travellers who were transferring to another coach, we made our way to Albany for the night, which up until not so many years ago had once been a whaling port.  The whaling station is now a museum but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit.

At Albany we looked at the Natural Bridge, a bit cold and blowing a gale, then the ANZAC Memorial overlooking the city of Albany.
Back on the coach and headed east to the Stirling Ranges and Bluff Knoll with views forever.
The scenery on the other side of the ranges changed dramatically into flat plains where wheat and canola is grown, looking a bit like a patchwork quilt.
We finally reached the small town of Hyden where we walked under and on top off Wave Rock.  Our coach then made it's way back to Perth and end of our tour.

I'll be back tomorrow with our adventures on Rottnest Island.


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  1. Helen, I am still loving your travel documentary via your blog! in high school I enjoyed neither history nor geography. Perhaps I would have had you been my teacher! Today, I am most intrigued with the Valley of Giants. both my husband and I have long enjoyed red wines coming from Australia. How fun it would be to go on a wine tour there with you. Although, I must add I am disappointed when you write that you "passed by" another vineyard. I would have demanded that the driver stop! Thanks again, Helen, for sharing a bit of your recent vacation.


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