Sunday, 15 September 2013

I've been a Bad Blogger ...

I've been such a bad blogger lately, the intentions are there (really, they are) but I feel like I've been just a tad busy while at the same time not achieving very much (sigh!).  Too many things to do, but they keep me out of mischief (hee hee) at least!  Actually, I need to stay home and stop going out!

Anyhow, yesterday I headed off to Alice's to play in a class that was being taught by Bianca Clarkson.  We made two cards that had a lot more layers and bits & pieces then I'm used to, but it was such fun.  Perhaps now I won't be so afraid to add lots of layers.

These two cards consisted of distressing, tea dyeing (with teabags), tearing, burning (water at the ready), stamping, hot glue gunning (not my favourite tool, but necessary) ...... as I said, such fun.  Thanks Bee for a really terrific class and thanks to my classmates for a fantastic morning.

So what else has been going on?  Ah yes, our local primary school (the one my boys all went to some years ago) is planning a Spring Fair at the end of October and I decided to take a stall, along with my BFF and another friend.  My part of the stall will be papercraft (what else?), my BFF is making some gifts with leftover fabrics from her patchwork projects, and my other friend will have some other handmade goodies.

I thought I'd better get going with what I would like to sell so I've started with gift card packs (above) and some doll tags (below).  Lots more to do in the next 6 weeks, but at least I've made a start!

I think it would be really useful if I were to make a list of what I would like to achieve and tackle things one at a time (or maybe two) so I can see where I'm headed, otherwise I'll be in a state of panic with nothing to sell when the Fair is upon us.

Hopefully I'll return to regular blogging (which is always my intention) very soon.

Happy crafting!

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