Sunday, 29 September 2013

Just a little journal Splatting!

Today I've been playing .... and working.  Since I'm still being ultra cautious when walking around the house, no sudden moves etc, I thought I'd have a bit of a play.  But first I needed to finish prepping next Saturday's "Quick & Easy Christmas Cards" class at Alice in Paperland.  So I've finished cutting cardstock, typed up the instructions, added photos and printed it all off.  Since this is mostly done sitting down, I've also been keeping the heat up, trying to relax those injured muscles.  Definitely feeling better but scared I'll make another 'nothing in particular' move and I'll be in pain again.

Anyhow ....... after sitting for a while I really needed to gently stretch those muscles so I got out my art journal and distress paints and inks and got playing.  Because I don't want to get ink over things, I generally set up on my kitchen bench and just make sure the stove is covered, and so I stood up for a while playing.

First up I decided to "splat"  (should that have 1 or 2  't' s?), a technique I saw recently on Scrap It TV using distress paints.  I also discovered it also works very well with distress stains.

This was FUN!!!  Some splats turn out BIG some turn out small, but it was lots of FUN!!!

The exclamation marks make this splat come to life, hee hee.  I splatted with distress paints first, then dried them off before splatting with distress stains.  To splat with paints, add a couple of drops of water to the sponge head and then SPLAT, easy peasy!  The stains really don't need water adding as they are already fairly liquid.

I then turned the page and just 'painted' the two pages - I'm not sure if these pages will get used for anything else, but they are colourful and I like them just as they are.  I also added a little water spray, just for fun, hence the blobs on the 'stain' page - yes, they are meant to be there!

Hopefully, I'll get to work in the morning, but I'll be making sure there will be no heavy lifting involved.

Happy crafting!

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  1. Glad you're feeling a little better Helen - that kind of pain is so scary isn't it?! Love your splats and stripes! Vicky x


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