Friday, 27 September 2013


Agony!  Now that's got your attention.  Unfortunately it's got my attention too, in the form of a really painful back that keeps going into spasms.  It's all I can do to walk just at the moment, so I think I'm stuck in this chair for a while.  I need heat on it but my heat sack is on my bed and I can't bend to reach it - eeeek!!  I'm waiting for #3 son to wake up and be my slave.

It all started innocently enough on Tuesday afternoon.  I came home with a slightly sore back that I really didn't pay much attention to, did normal evening stuff and went to bed.  Wednesday morning was up at 5.40am to see #1 son off to work, still a little sore UNTIL I SNEEZED!  It was 5.50am.  OUCH now it's not sore, it HURTS.   OK heat sack on, see how we go.  Hmmm, not too bad but I won't be a martyre, so I phoned to make an appointment with my chiropractor.  Walking was ok, and my visit to the chiro was positive, pelvis still in alignment, it's muscular.  Lots of heat, care and should be better in a week or so.

Yesterday it was still fairly sore but that was partly due to being pummelled by the chiro.  As the day wore on it felt better.

This morning, ahh it's feeling less painful.  Went outside to move car in driveway so I could take #2 son to train station in my car,  (first one was blocking 2nd one) no problem.  Went to get keys for 2nd car out of my pocket and AGONY, just like that - it sure doesn't take much!  When you've got a crook back, putting your foot on the clutch hurts, turning the steering wheel hurts, breathing hurts. 

When I got home again it took me a good 10 minutes to get out of the car and stand up, with spasms hitting every couple of minutes.  How on earth was I going to get into the house?  Very slowly hanging onto the side fence, then the ridges in the garage door and then brickwork on the house I got there.  Anyone watching must have wondered what the heck I was doing!

So now I'm inside, sitting here at the computer and wondering how I'm going to get through today.  I was planning on 'playing' at Alice's this morning but that is totally out of the question, so here I am in pain!  Getting out of this chair is going to be 'fun' but what do I do then?  Think I'll sit here for a while .........

Happy crafting!


  1. Oh Helen, this sounds dreadful! I do hope you get it sorted soon. Take care, Vicky x

  2. Rest up Helen! If you are still sore on monday take the day off xx

  3. Rest up Helen! If you are still sore on monday take the day off xx


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