Friday, 17 May 2013

Interlocking Gatefold Card

This morning having done a few chores, I thought I would like to play in my Dylusions journal with inks and so forth.  Then I thought, I really should prepare for tomorrow's class first.  Just as well as it seems to have taken ages to finish the cards, photograph them and print off instructions.   So my play day will have to happen another time, hopefully over the weekend, although we have a Wedding Anniversary and DS#3 's birthday this weekend so maybe not.

The inspiration for this card came some time ago while I was browsing different blogs and happened to be looking at  I thought it looked quite interesting so tucked it away in the grey cells for future reference.

The card is made from two shimmer cards with the fronts cut down to create the 'gate'.  The square scallop is a set of nesting dies, with the larger being attached to the left front, the middle attached to the right front, and the small square attached to the left front. 

I'm sure the ladies coming to class tomorrow will enjoy making this, and although they don't know it, if we have time we'll also be making a Double Opening card, also found on Cliona's blog, as it is also an interlocking gatefold card, with a difference.

I've just remembered I still have an anniversary card to make, oops....... better do something about that quickly!

Happy crafting!

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