Sunday, 10 February 2019

Original Masterpiece

Original Masterpiece?
..... for me, yes!

Last Friday, I headed off to Penrith with a crafty friend,
to Craft Alive, which is a regional craft show.  

The majority of the stalls were selling fabric for quilts etc, however there were a few papercraft stalls as well including Scrapbook Fantasies.

There was a table set up for curious people
to have a play with paint pouring.

We added layers of paint in a small plastic cup,
then upended it onto our canvas and waited for the magic to happen.

Each and every canvas (or whatever you choose to use) would come out looking different. I think it would be impossible to exactly replicate a canvas, no matter how hard you tried.

We had a lovely day out and both agreed that our little masterpieces were the HIGHLIGHT of our day!

Happy Crafting!

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