Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Crackers Anyone?

We got together with our good friends on the coast last Saturday, to celebrate Christmas with a yummy lunch followed by opening presents.
Of course lunch wouldn't be the same if there were no crackers to pull, containing paper party hats, silly jokes and a token gift.

Except, this year it was handmade crackers with my DH coming up with the jokes.

I cheated slightly, [gasp, how could I?] and bought two packs of crackers, one a shimmery white and the other silver, but in doing so the hats were already made.  To jazz them up a bit I decided I would stamp some sprigs of holly on them, with just a touch of colour.  I spread them out flat allowing plenty of time to dry on the coated surface.  So far, so good!

I stuck the snap on the inside, rolled the crackers, popped the tabs into place and tied one end with curling ribbon.  Next I added the hat, a token gift and DH's jokes and tied the other end.

Don't they look pretty?  But, if you look hard, what happened to the colour on the holly?  Hmmm ..... it had just about disappeared by the time we actually pulled them!
Oh well, they all popped, we laughed at the jokes and all enjoyed a lovely relaxing lunch together.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to show you the two ring-in crackers!

Happy Crafting!

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