Monday, 28 April 2014

Where are you Mr Mojo?

It has been quite a busy month what with two sons travelling overseas, a birthday, Easter, ANZAC Day and a weekend away with my bible study group to the majestic Blue Mountains.  To top it off, old Mr Mojo decided to go AWOL !!!   I've been following everyones blogs, getting ideas and inspiration from Pinterest as well, but when I come to do something myself - NOTHING!!!  Just total BLANK!!!

So, for something a little bit different, as you may have guessed by now, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and last weekend my brother dropped in with a present for me.  Inside the package were these two stamp sets which he had picked up when he was travelling in Taiwan on holiday.

I think this is the first time he has given me any stamps, but he sure picked cute ones.

I can't decide which set I prefer, as I really like both kitties and teddies!

I haven't used them as yet but I think I may start off small with tags or gift cards as they are only small stamps.  

My dear English penfriend also sent me a set of stamps which are "Handmade by ......" collection from Phill Martin of Honeypot Crafts which she bought from the craft show at the Alexandra Palace.    I haven't come across this company before so I will have to have a look on the web and blog to see what they are all about.  

Thanks for visiting my blog and I promise I'll be back with more to show you.

(Now where's Mr Mojo hiding ?  Ooh, I think I can see him .......  )


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  1. Oh, Helen, I have so been there before! Too busy but full of ideas, then calm and time to create...and NOTHING! Just relax for a big and Mr. Mojo will find YOU! Love these stamp sets! Both are is your brother for finding the perfect gift for you! Belated birthday wishes, my friend!


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