Saturday, 12 April 2014

Guess what today is???


Today is my


Ok, now that the frivolity is over, I just want to say I've had quite an enjoyable day.  I started by teaching the "White with One" card class at Alice in Paperland, and since someone let the cat out of the bag, the ladies all sang Happy Birthday to me!  Then my DH and I went to a cafe for lunch followed by a little bit of shopping and browsing.  I now have some new sheepskin slippers to keep my tootsies cosy this winter!  Tonight my DH, DS#3 and I are going out to dinner somewhere nice.

DS#3 joined my BFF's family for a day at the Royal Easter Show but before he left, he handed me a gift bag with a box of very yummy chocolates inside ..... mmmmm  (do I really have to share?).  Sons # 1 & 2 are both on their USA adventure but both sent Birthday wishes - Ah, love my family!!!

Have a crafty fun day!!!


  1. Only just saw it was your birthday yesterday !! Hope you had a wonderful day and I wish you a happy belated birthday ! Hope you will have a lot more of those creative, inspiring years to come !

  2. Happy birthday!!! So sorry this is late!! My hubby's birthday is the same as well. I hope you had a glorious time!


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