Monday, 13 January 2014

The Frog House

The Frog House?  You'll look at this and think "but it's a bird house" however, there is a story behind this.

Some years ago I purchased a decorative bird house which (from memory) was hexagonal and had more of a keyhole (back & front) for its entrance.  I had it hanging in the camellia bush at the front of our house and thought it looked quite nice.  The chain it hung from finally rusted through so I was able to thread some plastic coated wire through via the keyhole entrances and there it hung for quite a number of years.  One day I happened to notice it was lop-sided and upon looking into the gloom inside, could see a lump so being curious I shone a torch inside and there was a brown frog.  His body was probably about an inch or so long and he had found the perfect hidey-hole away from birds etc.  He seemed to spend quite a number of his days in there and one day there was even a 'friend'.  The poor birdhouse slowly disintegrated from being out in all weathers until finally the bottom fell off, and sadly I didn't see the frog again.  So when Kaisercraft brought out a birdhouse, I knew where it was going to hang.

I've had this birdhouse sitting in my box of "Things to do" for a couple of years at least, and as I was looking for a project to take with me to my 'home away from home', I thought it was time for it to be constructed.

I started off by coating all the surfaces with Modge Podge (outdoor) before glueing the papers on.  All the papers are Kaisercraft "Basecoat" collection.  I then added another three layers of Modge Podge (with drying time between each coat).  All the pieces slotted together really well and then yet another coat of Modge Podge was added.

I am quite happy with how it turned out and am still debating whether I should add something decorative around the 'front door', maybe a swirly vine or something.

All that is left to do now is attach a couple of hooks and I think I'll have a look for the leftover plastic coated wire as that worked very well.

So, we shall see how long this lasts out in the weather and whether a new resident might call it home.  Maybe it needs a little sign over the front door "The Frog House" !!!

Happy crafting!

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  1. I really love birds, Helen! It then follows that I would like bird*houses* as well. But, the story of the transition to a frog house intrigued me, and find myself hoping (as opposed to hopping) that a frog might return! I think the "Basecoat Collection" of papers is just perfect for this outdoorsy decoration! Well done! Mwah!


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