Friday, 15 March 2019

Musical Notes

Are blogs a thing of the past?
Has facebook, instagram or twitter taken over?

When I started my blog a few years ago, I used it as a visual diary for myself, and if comments were left, it was a 'feel good' bonus.  
Nowadays, the only time comments are left, is when I've entered an online challenge, and as such the DT members are supposed to leave a comment.

I guess I find it discouraging to the point that I wonder if what I'm making is actually worthy of comment any more, or perhaps I'm just being a little critical of myself.
What do you think?  Any thoughts?  Or am I just being silly?

Anyhoo ...... enough said, I'll get off my soapbox and stop feeling sorry for myself.

A couple of months ago, I made a shaped card (Pinterest inspired) for a friend's 60th Birthday.

 The keyboard was fairly easy, especially as I had a punch for the notes.
Then came the hard part, the shaped piano lid.  
I used scrap paper to freehand a shape, then once I was happy with it, I used it as a template to cut the lid from black card.

After searching through Pinterest, I found some Happy Birthday sheet music and printed it off - much too big.  Then I printed it in the smallest format I could, so that it would fit the piano.

I added another page to give the impression of a book, inked around the edges and glued the two pages together.  They were attachd to the piano.

I cut a smalled lid shape for an insert, and stamped a birthday sentiment.
All in all, I was pretty happy with the outcome, although looking back, I'm not convinced about the 'candle' numbers.  Perhaps I should have nipped off the flame?

The birthday boy celebrated this occasion with family and friends
and a very enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you liked what you saw.

Happy Crafting!   


  1. Helen, this is a super cool "make" and I am glad you shared it. I am making much simpler cards today, so I can very much appreciate the time it took you to create this one.

    I am with you on "what happened to blogging?" It has been weeks since I have blogged. Like yours, most of my comments came from DT members-- those obligatory comments. In the beginning, I blogged a lot about "the process" of creating; for instance, techniques. Now, there are so many artists online with their videos that everyone already knows about techniques, so no one was reading my blog. I resigned from the DTs and starting creating for just me. Then I fell off the scrapbooking wagon, then the journaling wagon. Now, retired and RV-ing full time, I just make cards. I rarely post them in a blog, but sometimes post them on Facebook. I do that as much for a record for myself as anything else. I miss the old days...

  2. Hi Helen love the card and the effort you put in writing the Blog. I don’t comment enough but do read your post.


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