Monday, 2 April 2018

Magical Jungle

Easter, April, end of daylight savings ....
what do all these have in common?  All in one weekend!

My weekend has been fairly quiet.  
Other members of my family have been out & about, or working or having fun;
but my fun has been sitting, quietly doing some colouring in.

Whenever Mr Mojo skips off to who knows where, I find myself picking up my current colouring book, in this case "Magical Jungle" by Johanna Basford, and just colouring.
As this butterfly is perfectly symmetrical, I thought I'd experiment a little with my favourite Prismacolor pencils. 

The left side of the butterfly has been coloured, and then I've gone back over each colour with my colourless blending pencil to smooth out and blend the colours.

 However, on the right side, I've used exactly the same colours,
 but this time left them just as you see them.

Both sides are equally as pretty, one is blended, one is not.

I had left all the lines between the patterns white as I wasn't sure what colour to do them, however once I'd finished colouring I decided to fill in the outlines with a silvery Gelly Roll pen.

I've enjoyed my quiet weekend of colouring - I'm hoping Mr Mojo has recharged his batteries over the last few days and will be at my craft desk tomorrow morning, ready for cardmaking again!

Happy Crafting!

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