Friday, 27 April 2018


Ah, the joys of creating a 3D picture
when the instructions are all in Japanese!

My dear brother finds the most fascinating things when he visits Japan
and this was no exception.

It was my birthday recently, and he gave me a Cinderella Paper Theater
along with a display case to put it in (they are designed to go together).

All the pieces come flat in a cardboard envelope and all get slotted into position to create the picture.  Cinderella has little bits i.e. her hair, face etc that need glueing first, which was fairly easy.

 The fiddliest part was slotting the images together - I'd put one or two spacers in ok, but trying to get the others in without the first falling out - arghhhh!!!!

On the second attempt, I finally got the 3D theater in the display case without falling apart! 
I might just add, the theater fits very snuggly in the display case.

Thank you, big bro ...... very unique present!

Happy Crafting!

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