Sunday, 26 November 2017

Gesso is not my friend!

I suppose I should make a start on my Christmas cards
as it's almost December,
but as luck would have it, Mr Mojo seems to have skipped off somewhere AGAIN!
In the meantime, I'm playing along with a challenge entitled
Christmas Mini Canvas
where each week a new prompt is given.
 [We're up to step 3, so I'll go backwards in time to step 1]

[Step 3]

 "Use either the top, thin layer of a Christmas serviette, tissue paper,
musci or book pages, Christmas themed papers, collages emphemera,
or an image cut from a magazine and glued to part/s of your canvas."

I found a serviette, cut baubles out and glued them into place using clear gesso.
Gesso and I are NOT friends .... sigh!
Yes, it glued, BUT the gesso looks like it bleached the colour from the painted canvas.
It's happened with both but is more noticeable on the pink one.
Hopefully, by the time the canvases are finished, it will be covered over.

[Step 2]

"Use a Christmas themed stencil/s to add acrylic medium to part of your canvas
e.g. moulding paste, sand paste, gel medium, 3D gloss/matte medium, heavy gesso, crackle paste, pumice, tar etc.  You may add colour to your acrylic medium first if you want."

On both canvases I used Viva Modellier Creme 'Mother of Pearl Champagne'.
The star stencil is 'Starry Starry Night' by Dylusions,
the tree stencil is 'Christmas Tree Swirl' by Imagination Crafts.

[Step 1]

"Add a layer of gesso before adding one complete layer of paint; one colour only.
(This will be the dominant colour so choose carefully - remember it's a Christmas canvas.)"

I chose the only two Dylusion paints I own, 'Bubblegum Pink' and 'Polished Jade'.

Who knows how these canvases will turn out, as each week something more will be added.
I'm looking forward to continuing the journey with each prompt.

Happy Crafting!


  1. This looks like fun! I'm looking forward too seeing the end result. Love the colours by the way! X

  2. Bad gesso! It's looking good though and I'm intrigued to see how they turn out x


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