Sunday, 21 September 2014

September Craftanoon

Yesterday, I went off to another Craftanoon day in Caringbah.
It was the last one for this year and there were a few less people this time, 
but we had a terrific day nevertheless.
Most people are working on scrapbook layouts, one girl at our table was working on a canvas which was just gorgeous, and I was doing my usual - playing with cards.
Actually I wasn't just playing with cards to begin with, I was finishing off a project that my BFF had started to make in a class in Port Macquarie last week, but had run out of time, and she very kindly said I could finish it off for her.
(I'll post a photo when it is finished - eeeeeekkk)
  I quite often play along with a card swap, where we each make 6 identical cards, 
post them to a central location where they are sorted,
and get 6 different cards in return.
As this current swap is due at the end of this coming week, I decided I would make a start on them, so what do you think?  The theme is 'circles'.

The little "Hi" attached to each one is a fancy paperclip which I picked up in the Craftanoon shop, which I thought fitted in well with the stamp.

After lunch and a nice cup of coffee, I then set to work replicating a tag that I had seen at the Stitches & Craft Show in Newcastle last week.  You could actually buy a kit and join in a class, but as I didn't have time, I simply bought the chipboard pieces and some tags.

The one at the show looked somewhat more interesting than mine, but as I made it from memory, well, it will just have to do.  Maybe it needs some clouds or a glow from the lighthouse?

By the time we'd had dinner (mmm ...... pizza), I was running out of ideas and feeling a little weary, so I put away most of my bits & pieces, got out an ATC and doodled a bit using a black pen to outline and gel pens to colour in - simple, but it kept me out of mischief for a little while.

My friend and I were packed and ready to leave for home by 9pm leaving a few people still crafting away for another hour.

This is such a fun day - it starts at 10am and finishes at 10pm.
Hopefully I'll be able to play along with them again next year.

That's about all I've got for you today, so until next time
Happy Crafting!!!

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