Thursday, 8 May 2014

Painty Fingers

This week I've been having lots of fun playing with paint.  No, I haven't been painting any walls but I have been making pretty patterns with Kaisercraft acrylic paints on paper.  No help needed, this is something I can do all by myself (LOL) !!!   That'll teach old Mr Mojo for not coming and helping with card designs for upcoming classes!!!

Of course part of the reason I was playing with paint was because the next Mixed Media Tag class was at Alice in Paperland on Wednesday and I was teaching it.  This is such a fun class where it is impossible to make any mistakes.  It is a technique based class and really I'm there to show them what to do and the rest is up to them, and the ladies did a really good job too!

 In the April edition of  Craft Stamper magazine, there was an article called 'Messy Monoprinting', and since I don't have a Gelli Plate but I do have different size acrylic blocks, this was a perfect way of getting messy with paint.  Then I discover in the new June edition, a continuation of this in the article on page 50 'Blistering Acrylic Paint'.  Wow, this is fun!!!

The 'yellow' bits in this tag are actually gold paint, and it looks fabulous in real life.

The wiggly and straight lines are made with a multi-purpose 'squeegee' tool
made by Tsukineko and which I've had in my stash for years but never used.

A finished tag complete with background stamp and doodling.

Lollipop flowers?

Love this technique, thanks Craft Stamper!

Have I mentioned how much I love all the ideas and techniques that Craft Stamper magazine has each month?  If not, then I have now.  It is so full of inspiration, some of which I can't do as I don't own all the bits 'n 'bobs (and some I've not heard of in Australia), but it is just such a fabulous magazine and inspires me to try techniques with the step by step instructions.
And on that note, I'll go and bring the washing in off the line as the sun is going down and shortly Spike and I are off to the vet for another check of his sore eye.
Happy Crafting!


  1. Love your paintings, Helen! And, what a wonderful place to grab a tag background. I do have a Gelli plate, and you have inspired me to unearth it (I seem to use it in spurts) and have a go with some gold paint! I think that Craft Stamper Magazine is available at my local craft store (in the U.S.), and am going to check it out on Saturday! Hope Spike is improving, Helen. It is very worrisome when our pups aren't well, I know!

  2. Great tags, Helen. I do love how you used your blocks to make monoprints. I do have a gelli plate and have used it once up to now and I really enjoyed it. Also the paper you use to clean your brayer on sometimes is too nice to throw away and can be used as a cool background for something. Corrie x

  3. You are so talented with your background painting Helen. Love the end results. Gorgeous.
    Hugs Sharon. x


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