Saturday, 16 November 2013

I'm all out of ideas (sigh...)

Sigh !!!  I've just realised it's been almost a week since I last posted, oh dear.  I'm very stop/start aren't I?  Three posts in a row followed by nothing!  Sorry about that, why do other things pop up and get in the way?

Today has been rather overcast with the rain falling around 5pm and is forecast to continue tomorrow as well.  Last night we had a thunderstorm, although we must have been on the edge of it as there was lots of lightening and thunder but the rain wasn't torrential.   I was watching the news tonight and other parts of Sydney had flash flooding as there was so much rain.  We certainly need rain but the slow steady variety is much more beneficial to the garden.

So, apart from doing Saturday washing and other chores, I spent the afternoon trying to come up with ideas for my classes in next year's program at Alice in Paperland.  I find by the time we get to November I'm all out of ideas and just want to play and catch up with my 'to do' list that seems to grow longer every year.  All those projects just waiting to be started (sigh !).  Oh well, there is always January and my mini holiday at my BFF's while the boys are away at camp and the cricket.  Gee, hope I'm invited expected again?

Tomorrow I'm going to try to squeeze in some play time so I can enter some challenges before they finish.  But if I miss out, there's always next week, hee hee!


AND my first order of Stampotique stamps arrived first thing last Tuesday morning and so far all I've done is drool over them all excited, so I think maybe I need to start with these.  I also bought a Christmas one when I was in Melbourne recently and I've been loaned two more Christmas ones so I've plenty to keep me occupied. 

I'll be back soon (I promise) and show you what I've been doing!

Happy crafting!

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