Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Thank You cards

It's a stay-at-home day today.  We have needed a new driveway for ages and now that we have three cars and there is always 'the great car shuffle'  happening, today is the day.  Yes, the bobcat is in, the old carport is no more, as are the overgrown shrubs and soon the old concrete will be gone as well.  I've saved a few plants to replant elsewhere and a couple of tree ferns have been saved as well - not sure where they'll go but will need new homes fairly soon.  I'll show you some before and after photos when it's all finished.

So, today I thought I'd show you what I've been doing this week.  Time is marching on and I thought I really should get the 'Thank You' cards in the mail from all the notes of condolence that were sent following both my father-in-law and then my dad passing away.  

In total I've made about 90 cards, mostly with the design above (SU "Love & Sympathy", word from "Fresh Cuts") using SU confetti white cardstock (discontinued) and coloured with brush markers.   A few of the cards have a different flower stem as there are a small number of people who overlap and they will receive two thank yous, probably not necessary but it felt the right thing to do.

All that's left to do is get a couple of addresses from my mother-in-law, buy some postage stamps and then in the mail they will be.
Very shortly my DS#3 is off with a few friends to go camping/caving for three days.  He's all packed ready to go and is just waiting to be picked up - it's going to be a quiet house for the rest of the day.

Happy crafting!

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