Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bird Song Tea Bag Caddy

You may remember a couple of months back, that I made a Tea Caddy using the lovely "A Ladies Diary" collection of papers, which had lots of fussy cutting of the ladies on the side panels.

So, this coming Tuesday, I will be teaching the ladies at Alice in Paperland how to make one of these lovely Tea Caddies.  Quite often in my classes I will have already done the cutting of various pieces of cardstock and papers just to speed things up a bit, but this project will have the ladies starting right from the beginning.

The original Caddy in the photo is currently on display at Alice's with details of the coming class, which meant I needed to make another to ensure that all my instructions are correct.   This time I decided to use papers from the "Bird Song" collection and give it an oriental feel.

My instructions were given a little tweaking, which resulted in my lid fitting better than it did in the first caddy. As you can see there is no fussy cutting in this version, each picture was just adhered flat to each panel.  I'm still deciding which papers the class will use, because I rather like both of them, or perhaps I'll give them a choice ........ English Ladies or Oriental Ladies.

Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments.

Happy crafting!

Footnote:  the ladies all decided to go with the Oriental version and they looked great!


  1. This is beautiful, I bet the ladies will love making this tea caddy. Such a wonderful idea. Love it. Michelle x

  2. Truly beautiful Helen! Vicky x


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