Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bird Song & Dragons

I'm sure most of you reading this would have heard the words "mum, can you make me a card for ....... , the party is tonight, remember I told you about this last week?" or words along a similar vein.  And so it was last weekend when DS#1 reminded me that I said I'd make a card, the theme for the night was 'dragons'.  Oh yes,  sorry I thought it was next weekend, oops!  

Out came my new "Bird Song" collection of paper from Graphic 45, along with a stamp set I'd bought at the same time that has a lovely dragon in it.   I'll make a never-ending card, that'll be fun and keep the birthday girl amused, but alas the dragon stamp was just too big to fit, and if you've ever made one of these cards, you'll know you need to keep your folds, well, foldable.  OK, next idea - why not a tri-fold shutter card, that should work, and it did, beautifully.

I coloured the dragon using three different Distress Markers directly onto the stamp, gave it a good Darth Vader huff, and stamped it onto ivory cardstock.  I love how the colours blend into each other when using this method.  The remainder images are cut from the Bird Song papers, and the words are copied from another stamp (which was far too big to fit in the space) "Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons -  for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!".  I've had this stamp for ages, so have no idea whether it is still available, but it came from Stamp It - 'Good with Ketchup'  #2025G.

DS#1 tells me the birthday girl really liked the card (and the quote) and he caught up with friends at the party who he hadn't seen for a while.

I've been playing with more of the lovely Bird Song papers, so I'll be back again soon with something else to show you all.

Have a crafty day!


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  1. Hi Helen! Thanks for visiting my blog ! Well done on making such an involved card for a "last minute" creation- just LOVE that quote! No wonder the birthday girl was impressed!


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