Sunday, 1 April 2012

Engagement Card

Before I headed up the coast to the Arts & Media Festival, I needed to make a card to go with a gift as DS#2 had been invited to an engagement party.   After procrastinating for 3/4 hour trying this and that and not being happy with anything, I suddenly thought back to a display card that I had made a while back using Allison Ellis papers.  The original card had tiny pearls dotted in the swirls on the heart.  This foil paper is divided into squares with every other square having a picture e.g. heart, shoe, tree etc, with the remaining squares having a dot design.  This means it is easy to put a card together in about 10 minutes, with a splash of colour and a few pearls as embellishment.  Unfortunately the foil doesn't show up wonderfully well in the photo, but looks quite effective in real life.

The Arts & Media Festival was really good.  There was a terrific display of photographs and paintings from a variety of different individuals as well as local schools, with a number of participants receiving Commended and Highly Commended certificates as well as a winner in each of the categories.  The craft section had a variety of items with cross stitches, quilts, scrapbooks, ceramics, upholstered chairs and rocking horses.  The winner of this section was the cedar rocking horse (designed for a small child) with Highly Commended awards going to a quilt, a cross stitch and a digital scrapbook.

The highlight of the event was the walk-through dramatisation of the Easter story.  Groups of about 50 people were guided through "rooms" with the first being the market place in Jerusalem.   It was a terrific display of fruit and veges, pottery and breads.  Children were helping roll dough, make pots etc and when the call came of who was riding into town, they all waved palm branches to welcome Jesus on a donkey.  Then we were ushered into the next room by centurians.  This was the last supper, with the disciples and Jesus sitting on cushions around a long table.  Following this was a garden scene and after that was a video of sketches of the story.  The next room was of the tomb with the stone rolled away and the sadness of the women until an angel came to tell of the wonderful news that Jesus was risen.  Then the women danced as they rejoiced the good news.  In the final room there was a brief talk of the resurrection with an invitation to join in a sunday church service to find out more about the gospel.

The whole presentation was so well done and it was estimated about 500 people passed through during the evening.  I was helping with tea/coffee and hot cross buns and it was great to be part of a successful event.

Have a crafty day!

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  1. What a beautiful card Helen! I love the delicate foil heart and the flashes of red in your design. The Art and Media Festival event sounds brilliant - especially the rooms telling the Easter story. Enjoy your week, Vicky x


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