Monday 16 January 2017

I've been published!

I've been PUBLISHED!!!
I almost can't believe it - I have to keep looking at the magazine to make sure I'm not dreaming!

It all started a few months ago when I happened to see a FB post 
that Creative Papercraft magazine was looking for contributors with the theme being 'love and sun'.

So I emailed the editor with photos of the cards and was asked if I could submit them, which I did.  However, much to my dismay, the envelope arrived at the publishers torn and minus the cards.  
I am so glad that I had photos of the cards, which made replicating them that much easier.  
Not trusting the post a second time, I hand delivered the replacement set.

Until today, I wasn't sure whether they had been accepted or rejected, 
as the cards, instructions and covering letter had been returned to me,
however, there was no indication as to whether they were suitable or not.

I knew the new issue was due out shortly, and when I went into the newsagents today,
there was one copy on the shelf.
 I couldn't wait to buy it, rip off the plastic and see if my cards were in it.

I am feeling so chuffed and excited to see them published.
I feel like after years of making cards, I have finally achieved a goal!
After I float back down to earth, I'll be back at my desk doing what I love
- making cards!

 Happy Crafting!

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  1. Congrats. They are lovely. So cute and great colours. Hugz


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