Monday, 5 September 2016

Gelli Prints

After watching a youtube video (thank you, Corrie) on creating backgrounds using a gelli plate, this afternoon I decided I'd have a bit of a play.  I can't remember how long ago I bought this, and even worse, I can't remember if I even opened it to play.  If I did, I did a really good job of cleaning it as it looked perfect!

Some of the tags were plain, others already had a bit of a background, however that just adds to the layers.

These are smaller tags along with a couple of ATCs.

These are A5 pieces of cardstock, except for the middle one which is a piece of spotty paper which already had some inks on it, but now has even more texture.  The card on the right has already been used as a background for a birthday card.  I'll be back to show the finished card once I know the recipient has received it.

So, apart from a rather dapper chap who was sitting on the fence outside my craftroom window this afternoon, I'll say goodnight.

Happy Crafting!


  1. So pleased I inspired you to get out your Gelli Plate. It really is good fun and so handy when you need a background. I always make stacks of them.
    Well done you !
    Corrie x
    PS. your visitor looks fab too !

  2. It seems my gelli plate has been buried for more than a year! All sizes, I might add! Once a bit more settled, Helen, I promise to get them out and play along with you. Love these!


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