Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ponytail & Friends

Added to my list of challenges is 
Art Abandonment - make bookmarks

Last weekend, some ladies (various ages) from my church got together for a Craftanoon.  This was a very easy going time to spend together doing whatever crafts we chose to bring along.  Some brought crochet, some embroidery, some colouring books, one even brought mending and as for me, I brought along the beginnings of some new bookmarks to abandon.  It was a very relaxed afternoon enjoyed by everyone who came along.  Here's hoping another afternoon may happen in the next couple of months!

Anyhow .......

..... this is five more finished bookmarks ready to abandon.

Well, almost ...... I really, really liked one of them so it's been put aside for my own use!

This is the one that will be sharing my book as I read!

Hmmm ........ I may need to make another to abandon ..... what do you think?

Stampotique - "Dwindled"
- "Ta Dah"
- "Queen of Everything"
- "Ponytail"
- "Grace"

Craft Stamper - 'Anything Goes'

Happy Crafting!


  1. I love the thought of abandoning art. So cool! Thanks fo using my ponytail stamp on one! Love it!

  2. Oh wow, they are just amazing. Erm, do you want to tell me where they are being abandoned so I can get there first? I love the idea of releasing art into the wild, fabulous. I'm sure they'll make the day of whoever finds them. Cara x

  3. I love all the new Stampotique stamps, Helen, and you seem to have a very natural bond with them! You are a wonderful artist for participating in the art abandonment movement.

  4. Love, love, love your bookmarks that you abandon and admire you being able to let go of them (not sure I'd be as good as you!). Happy Easter. Claire x


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