Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Coming Off a High !!

Coming off a high !!  You know what I mean - you've been doing something exciting and it comes to an end and unfortunately reality returns fairly quickly.  Well, that was me (and two friends) this week.

As you are probably aware, I work at Alice in Paperland, and Alice (yes she does indeed exist) offered three of us girls the opportunity to attend a Retailers Day at Kaisercraft in Geelong, Victoria.  It was actually two days of being privvy to the upcoming collections that will be arriving in stores over the next few months, five classes consisting of scrapbook pages, off the page and cards, hands-on trying out of new products, shopping in the huge warehouse, and the most delicious morning & afternoon teas, as well as lunch, a roast the first day and BBQ the second day- mmmm yum!

We (Jenni, Jackie and myself) headed off on Sunday morning for the airport, arriving in Geelong around 2.30pm where we picked up our hire car, a very nice new Corolla.  We then set off for Torquay where we were staying in a two bedroom apartment - very swish - at the Wyndham Resort across the road from the beach. 

We had a fabulous time away, great company (thanks Jenni & Jackie), and all the staff at Kaisercraft were just so welcoming and friendly, but all good things must come to an end, and so we headed back to Avalon airport and arrived back in Sydney around 10.15pm (it was a late flight and takes around 1hr 10mins).

I wish I could show you now (but I can't) so as and when the new collections are released, I'll post the photos of some of the gorgeous creations that we ooh'd & ah'd over, and made in our classes.

Happy crafting!

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  1. That sounds so lovely - I have stayed in that place! Glad you had fun!


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