Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Family Heirloom Book (Part 1)

Wooohooo!!!  I have finally finished my Jane Tregenza book after starting it last August - PHEW!!!  Now to search through and add my photos and call it my "Family Heirloom Book".   This book was made following the tutorial over 9 months and can be found on the Graphic 45 site (left column, click on Jane's Book Tutorials).

Each double page has pockets and sleeves and mini albums on which to add photos and/or journaling.  So as to not bore you with oodles of photos I'm going to show you the book over a couple of posts.

 Page 1
A page about "Me"
 Inside Mini Album

Page 2
A page about "The Man in your Life"
 Pocket Pull-Outs

 Page 3
 A page about "Little Darlings"

 Pocket Tags
Page 4
A page about "School Days"
Bookmarks tucked behind the 'classroom'

Tomorrow I'll be back with the second part of the book which has 8 pages in total and goes through the different stages that we as families, go through.

Thanks for looking,

Happy crafting!


  1. Wow Helen this is fabulous. You have worked so hard on this project and it has been so worth it. I love it.
    Hugs Sharon x


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