Sunday, 8 July 2012

Watercolour Technique

Every couple of weeks at Alice in Paperland, one of the talented teachers makes a Youtube video showcasing a technique.  Last week, it was my turn again and this time I was showing two different ways to  use watercolour pencils.

The first way is to take the colour directly off the pencil using an Aquash water-pen, one colour at a time and then blending the colours together.  It gives a lovely soft effect.

On the second sample, colour with the pencils directly onto the stamped image, and then blend the colours together, again using an Aquash water-pen.  This gives a more vibrant colour palette.

 So, same stamped image (from my stash) using black StazOn to prevent bleeding, same pencils (SU) using  exactly the same colours, they both are equally pretty, but are just a bit different from each other.

Why not click on the link and have a look to see how easy it is to create a watercolour effect.

Have a crafty day!

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  1. These are fabulous aren't they and so easy to use. You can also scribble on a plate or ceramic tile and use it as a palette. Vicky x


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