Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What's on tv?

It's my turn to host an event this month
and my theme is Fancy Fold Cards.
I used to make lots of fancy fold cards
but these days most of my cards tend to be more simple.
Anyhow .... for the header I needed some sample cards, 
so I looked in my book which has all sorts of bits'n'bobs written in it,
and the following is a Spring Card.
It doesn't actually have a spring, it's just the way it pops up when taken out of the envelope!


I thought I would take the opportunity to play with my new Stampotique stamps
which arrived last week.

Here is Mort hosting his own tv program, at least I hope that's what he's doing!
 I can see the tv stamp being used by lots of the Stampotique family.
Stampotique - Mort had a pin curl
Stampotique - TV
Stampotique - Phrase Cube #2
I'll be back again tomorrow with another of my fancy fold samples.
Happy Crafting!

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