Monday, 27 June 2016


Last Thursday, my BFF and I spent a lovely day wandering around the 
Craft & Quilt Show at Glebe Island.

At one of the stalls we came across a pretty framed picture of a dandylion - actually probably not quite a dandylion but something similar - and we both remarked about how it would make a lovely gift for an engagement or wedding.

My son had been invited to an engagement party on the weekend and as he was yet to find a gift, I sent him a photo of the picture and asked if he thought it would be suitable.

What do you think?

[the finished gift]

On Friday morning I headed off to Ikea for a suitable frame and after uumming & ahhhing, settled on this black framed shadowbox.  I'm really chuffed with how it all came together.

This came as a kit which included  the white 'dandylion' laser cut, a packet of coloured hearts in various sizes and a black A4 background.  Working from the back, each heart is glued into position so when you view it from the front, each coloured heart has a white border.

[this is a close up of the one displayed at the craft show]

Silly me didn't take a close up of the one I put together, as I had already taken one as reference when I was at the craft show [with permission from the stallholder].  If you look hard though, you will see that my colours go in the opposite direction.  I'm sure it doesn't matter as they both look equally as pretty as each other.

From hearing about the party and seeing photos of the night, 
the excited couple looked to be having a very happy celebration.

I'll be back again tomorrow to show you the engagement card - in the meantime ......

Happy Crafting!

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  1. What a stunning picture, love the rainbow of coloured hearts. Cara x


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