Sunday, 22 May 2016

Tasmania - Days 7 - 8

Day 7 - Cradle Mountain

This morning was overcast and a little damp as we returned to the national park for a couple of easy walks before our 24hr passes expired.  It had been forecast for snow during the night and as we drove into the national park we did see a couple of small patches along the side of the road.

We walked through a rainforest area which was just magical with all its variations of green and then found ourselves at these falls.

Pencil Pine Falls


The boardwalk through the forest

The boardwalk followed and then crossed the fast flowing stream which fed Pencil Pine Falls. We walked through emerald green foliage of the Enchanted Forest, past wombat holes and under pines.  Just as we were finishing our walk, we came face to face with a wombat crossing a little bridge.  He just ambled past us, almost brushing our legs, nibbled on some grass and disappeared under a bush.


Sadly, it was time to leave Cradle Mountain and continue our journey northwards.  Along the road we stopped at a lookout which looked back towards the mountains.  During the night it had indeed snowed as the mountains were snowcapped.

We continued on our way through countryside and forests and found ourselves at the small mining town of  Waratah.  Surprisingly, in the middle of town was a waterfall!

Waratah Falls

More driving along windy roads, spectacular views and a pretty walk along another river.



Coast view from Wynyard

Day 8 - Bass Strait

What a wild night!  It rained and blew a gale all night, but thankfully by breakfast the rain cleared although it remained overcast.  We followed the coast from Wynyard to Burnie where we stopped at the Makers Workshop.  Such an interesting place, where different crafts-people were crafting away, including a chap working with leather, a lady felting and another painting little scenes on silk.  I even got to try my hand at paper-making which was quite fascinating.

 Life sized figures created from paper

Bass Strait was grey and uninviting although there were two surfboarders who were obviously enjoying the wild conditions.  The coastline is quite rocky with stony beaches and the road followed it for a distance before turning inland again.  We stopped at Railston (known for topiaries), Sheffield (known for murals), Nook (because it sounded cute) and Nowhere Else (in the middle of nowhere).

Happy Travelling!

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  1. Wonderful photos, loved the wombat. I remember they used to have one on a Country Practice years ago! Cara x


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